‘THE NEWSROOM’ Season 2 Trailer


Jeff Daniels in The NewsroomAaron Sorkin‘s The Newsroom was, hands down, one of the most anticipated shows of last year. But with all the “Sorkin-isms” and torturous romantic sublots, the show was a little…underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it was still good. It’s Aaron Sorkin though, for crying out loud, and it certainly didn’t live up to the post-Social Network hype. The show had great performances, led by Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill and John Gallagher, Jr — but some episodes were hit-or-miss. And honestly, Aaron Sorkin is trying too hard to pay homage to Paddy Chayefsky, admittedly his greatest influence — the writer of the film Network. Anyway. Here comes season two of The Newsroom, which premieres on HBO July 14th. Check out the trailer below.

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