‘ELITE SQUAD’ Director Jose Padilha Joins ‘THE BORTHERHOOD’


Jose Padilha in The BrotherhoodDirector Jose Padilha broke onto the scene in a big way with the epic Brazilian crime thrillers Elite Squad and Elite Squad: The Enemy Within. those two ground-breaking films earned him the gig directing the RoboCop remake for MGM.  heading back to the genre in which he made his name. Now, it’s being reported that Padilha will direct The Brotherhood for Warner Bros. The film is an adaptation of hard-hitting true crime novel The Brotherhoods: The True Story of Two Cops Who Murdered for the Mafia. The story centers on two corrupt detectives who secretly work for two crime families for years while throwing cases, scrapping evidence, and even killing for the mob. That is, until, another detective brought the two to justice after tracking them for nearly a decade.

Bill Dubuque wrote the screenplay, which most definitely seems to be in the vein of The Departed and even LA Confidential. Dubuque  also co-wrote the screenplay for the upcoming thriller The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr., Vera Farmiga and Robert Duvall.

Here’s a synopsis for The Brotherhoods:

From inside the heart of the NYPD – The shattering police corruption scandal and the trial that stunned a city.

Detective Stephen Caracappa achieved the distinguished rank of first grade detectve while under the hire of the Luchese crime family.

Detective Louis Eppolito worked the heart of Brooklyn’s mobland; he himself was the son of a Gambino crime family soldier.

Detective William Oldham, the lead investigator on major organized-crime cases, quietly and relentlessly tracked Caracappa and Eppolito for more than seven years.

The Brotherhoods is the riveting account of the notorious rogue cops charged with murdering for the mob, and the brilliant detective who stalked them. With unparalleled access to both the NYPD and organized crime, a gallery of unforgettable characters, and sweeping from Manhattan to Las Vegas to Hollywood, this is the ultimate wiseguy story, packed with psychological intrigue, criminal audacity, and paranoid, blood-soaked fury.

Padilha’s RoboCop remake hits theaters next February.

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