The Troy’s Top 10 Dramas of 2012


2013 was another great year. A few movies didn’t quite live up to the hype. Others flat-out bombed. Some honorable mentions worth….mentioning….are Moonrise Kingdom, The Avengers and Prometheus. All pretty solid films. But just didn’t have enough “Je ne sais quois” to break into the top 10.  Some films I didn’t get to see this year were The Master, Skyfall or Les Miserables, The Sessions, Beasts of the Southern Wild or Life of Pi. All of which definitely had top 10 potential. Well, here’s my top 10. Check it out.

10. The Grey

The Grey“The most terrifying man vs. natural thriller I’ve ever seen.”  - The Troy

“Daniel Day-Lewis delivers yet another towering performance.” – L-Stet
Silver Linings Playbook
“Entertaining and well-paced, with phenomenal acting.” – Pitstop
The Dark Knight Rises
“Hugely ambitious and delivers in the face of impossible expectations.” – The Troy
Killing Them Softly
 ”A seething and cynical hitman noir.”  – The Troy
 ”One hell of a movie experience.” – The Troy
End of Watch
“One of the best cop movies ever.” – The Troy
Django Unchained
“Bold, bloody, and goddamn brilliant.” – Johnny Manf
Zero Dark Thirty
 ”A slow-burning thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.” – Johnny Manf
1. Argo
 ”Accomplished and entertaining. Affleck’s most important film to date.” – Pitstop

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