Pitstop’s Top 5 Comedies of 2012


5. Wanderlust

Wanderlust-PosterFunniest Line: “I’m gonna pop off a piece of my dick.”

Funniest Scene: The Mirror Pep Talk

4. This is 40

this-is-40-poster2Funniest Line: “I’m gonna show up at your house when you’re sleeping, and I’ll take your Ipad, your Ipod and your Imac and I’ll shove them up your Icunt.”

Funniest Scene: Parent/Teacher Meeting

3. 21 Jump Street

21-jump-street-posterFunniest Line: “Hey, you want me to beat your dick off?  You want to beat my dick off? I’ll beat your dick off with both hands, let’s go!”

Funniest Scene: Tripping Major Ballsack

2. That’s My Boy

PrintFunniest Line: “My name is Han Solo, the guy who made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.”

Funniest Scene: Tubby Tuke Ending

1. Ted

ted_posterFunniest Line: “If you can punch a hole in this wall than you’re really Flash Gordon.”

Funniest Scene: Donny’s Creepy Dance

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