L-Stet’s Top 5 Comedies of 2012



5. Ten Years – This isn’t technically a straight comedy but Chris Pratt is drunk the entire movie, so, that’s pretty funny. The star-studded cast includes Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Aubrey Plaza, Oscar Isaac, and Kate Mara. The fact that I didn’t even hear about this movie until recently and I just missed my own 10 Year reunion may have contributed to my enjoyment, because I had a lot of fun watching. It’s predictable and heart-warming and fun.


4. Wanderlust – Weird is the first word that comes to mind. It’s silly and entertaining and includes the hands-down funniest scene of the entire year when Paul Rudd talks to himself in the mirror. That man is hilarious.


3. This Means War – A funny chick flick with two hot guys (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) who are best friends, fighting for the same girl (Reese Witherspoon). It’s ridiculous and unrealistic and sure, there are some terrible cuts, but who cares? It’s wildly entertaining and funny.


2. 21 Jump Street – Had little interest in seeing this and was more than pleasantly surprised. Pretty much laughed the entire movie.


1. That’s My Boy – Had absolutely no interest in seeing this! Adam Sandler has been disappointing in recent years and finally, this reminded me more of his good days with movies like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. Incredibly nonsensical and hilarious. Andy Samberg is perfect as his son.

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