Underrated Comedies of the Past 20 Years: Part 2


To qualify for this list the movie must have come out in the past 2 decades and it must have a Rotten Tomatoes score of 60% or lower and an IMDB score of 6.5 or lower. Check out Part 1. HERE. Now for the Top 10…

10. Saving Silverman (2001) IMDB: 5.6 RT: 16%

An underrated comedy that keeps you laughing throughout and never gets old. I still quote this movie about as much as I do Dumb and Dumber or Anchorman. Jack Black and Steve Zahn are hilarious together, especially when J.D. realizes he’s gay. There are great supporting roles from R. Lee Ermy as Coach and Neil Diamond as himself. Cominnnnnaaaaayeaaahaaaaaa!!!!

Wayne: Dude!
J.D.: Dude!
Wayne: Why didn’t you answer the door?
J.D.: I’m eatin’.
Wayne: So?
J.D.: I don’t answer the door when I’m eatin’.
Wayne: Since when?
J.D.: Since always.
Wayne: I never knew that.
J.D.: Well you didn’t know a lot of things. You didn’t know I was gay.
Wayne: Is there anything else you wanna tell me?
J.D.: I got three balls.
Wayne: Shut up! God!
J.D.: Dude. Dude. Dude!

9. Joe Dirt (2001) IMDB: 5.4 RT: 11%

People might think of Spade as Farley’s wingman in Tommy Boy and Black Sheep, but in this underrated flick Spade has a lead role and really shines. It was written by Spade and Fred Wolf (Dirty Work, Black Sheep) and is really funny with some great quotable lines, and not to mention a fantastic supporting role from Christopher Walken. Life’s a garden, dig it?

Clem: [talking to fire extinguisher] You’re talking to me all wrong… It’s the wrong tone. You do it again and I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron. Hey, tell me, does your mother sew? BOOM. Get her to sew that!

8. Wayne’s World 2 (1993) IMDB: 5.8 RT: 59%

A lot of people think of Wayne’s World as a great comedy but not Wayne’s World 2. Are you kidding me? Wayne’s World 2 has a better bad guy in Christopher Walken, Ralph Brown as the hilarious Del Preston, and Chris Fuckin’ Farley in a bigger role. That combined with Mike Myers and Dane Carvey’s usual shtick. What’s not to love? I had to beat them to death with their own shoooooes.

Milton: Awesome party! Good tunes, good brew, good buddies. I feel great, man. I feel great! I don’t know, man. I hate my father. I hate my life. But I feel great. You guys are great. I’m gonna go pick a fight.
Wayne: He’s gotten a lot better.

7. Slackers (2002) IMDB: 4.9 RT: 10%

Underrated college comedy. The first really funny movie from Jason Segel, he plays Sam Schefter, “I got hit by a truck”. The performance of the movie though hands down goes to Jason Schwartzman as the legendary Cool Ethan. We use to watch this silly comedy all the time in high school and just die laughing. C’mon a hair doll. Is this movie a classic in most people’s eyes, “Gnome” it’s not.

Cool Ethan: I had a nickname for you but I’m not going to tell you. Ok it was laser.

6. The Cable Guy (1996) IMDB: 5.8 RT: 50%

One of the great Jim Carrey’s epic roles. Most people remember Ace Ventura or Llyod Christmas but this might be his funniest character ever. Directed by Ben Stiller this dark hilarious story of a crazed cable guy with a lisp is comedy at it’s best. Scene after classic scene this whole entire flick is a comedy masterpiece. I’ll juice ya up, Cabla goobla!

Chip Douglas: The blue knight rules! The red knight sucks the big one! Down, down, down. Right knight goin’ down. Down, down, down. Red knight goin’ down.

5. Wet Hot American Summer (2001) IMDB: 6.3 RT: 31%

One of the best ensemble casts ever put together for a comedy. This underrated little flick most people don’t even know about, written and directed by David Wain (Role Models) has a hilarious performance from Michael Showalter and the amazing Paul Rudd. I could go on and on about every character in this flick, each brings their own hilarious part to a ridiculous and strange story. The best part is when they leave camp and start doing hard drugs.

Katie: Listen, Coop – last night was really great. You were incredibly romantic and heroic, no doubt about it. And that’s great. But I’ve thought about it, and my thing is this: Andy is really hot. And don’t get me wrong, you’re cute too, but Andy is like, *cut*. From marble. He’s gorgeous. He has this beautiful face and this incredible body, and I genuinely don’t care that he’s kinda lame. I don’t even care that he cheats on me. And I like you more than I like Andy, Coop, but I’m 16. And maybe it’ll be a different story when I’m ready to get married, but right now, I am entirely about sex. I just wanna get laid. I just wanna take him and grab him and fuck his brains out, ya know? So that’s where my priorities are right now. Sex. Specifically with Andy and not with you.

4. Me, Myself and Irene (2000) IMDB: 6.3 RT: 48%

The Farrelly brothers have created some of the best comedies ever in Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin, but this underrated Farrelly flick is always forgotten about. Jim Carry in another unbelievable role as the Rhode Island cop with advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage puts on a show especially when both sides come out near the end of the film. The man just amazes me every time I watch this he truly is a comedy God.

Hank Evans: Vagiclean,” huh? What’s the matter, honey? Little extra cheese on the taco?
Mrs. Bittman: Excuse me?
Hank Evans: No, excuse me. There’s no tag on this.
[grabs microphone]
Hank Evans: Price check on Vagiclean, aisle five. I repeat: price check on Vagiclean, aisle five. That’s Vagiclean. We’ve got a customer down here with a full-on fallopian fungus. She’s baking a loaf of bread and I think it’s sourdough.

3. Hot Rod (2007) IMDB: 6.5 RT: 39%

Directed by Lonely Island member and SNL writer Akiva Scaffer, and starring the hilarious Andy Samberg. This is The Lonely Island’s first feature film and it turned out to be a surprise comedy hit, in my eyes anyway. Supporting roles from Danny Mcbride, Bill Hader, Jorma Taccone, Will Arnet, Chris Parnell and even Ian McShane and Sissy Spacek. There is so many hilarious scenes and genius comedy writing. Cool beans? Cool beans.

Denise: I’m sorry, Rod. What were you going to ask me?
Rod Kimble: Um, I was gonna ask you who you think would win in a fight between… a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco.
Denise: Is that what you were really going to ask me?
Rod Kimble: Of course.
Denise: Well, I think the grilled cheese sandwich – in a fair fight. But if it was prison rules, I’d put my money on the taco.
Rod Kimble: Wow, that’s pretty racist but correct. I’ll see you later.

2. Almost Heroes (1998) IMDB: 5.1 RT: 15%

Chris Farley was a comedy legend, and I always think about how many great movies he would have been in if his life didn’t end so short. This was his last movie and not many people have even seen it. It is so funny to just watch Farley work his magic. Farley isn’t just the best part of the movie he is the movie. He has the greatest drunk performance ever in a movie in this. Now it’s time for the liquor to take effect. AHHHHH!! Hahaha. Farley is my hero!

Hunt: I name this here fork “Pittsburgh Nellie”; a Welsh whore who could do things with her one good arm that’d make you forget that *thing* on her neck.

1. Dirty Work (1998) IMDB: 6.1 RT: 17%

This is the greatest and most underrated comedy of all-time. Bob Saget directs Norm MacDonald, Artie Lang, Chevy Chase, Jack Warden, Shooter McGavin, Don Rickles and Chris Farley in a movie about a revenge for hire business. I have seen this movie hundreds of times and it never gets old, even when they replay it on comedy central every week. It’s got great cameos, great quotable lines, and some of the funniest performances ever. Even a scene where they just stand there and hold fish is amazing. I could go back and forth with my friends and fellow wiseguys, doing line after line of this comedy gem. Note to self: Dirty Work is the most underrated comedy of the past 20 years.

Mitch: You fellas have a lot of growing up to do, I’ll tell you that. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. Can you believe these characters? Way out of line. Way out of line. Have a good mind to go to the warden about this. You know what hurts the most is the… the lack of respect. You know? That’s what hurts the most. Except for the… Except for the other thing. That hurts the most. But the lack of respect hurts the second most.

Kathy: You guys are brothers?
Mitch: Well, it’s a long story…
Sam: My dad boned his mom.
Mitch: Okay, it’s a short story.

Homeless Guy: And then when you jumped on that security guard’s back and you were yelling in his ear, “The CIA put a chip in my brain!” I was laughing so hard, I almost shit my pants.
Martin: Almost!

Jimmy: WAKE UP SLUT! Well, well, well, we meet again… NOSE BITER! TIME TO PAY THE FIDDLER, WHORE!

Mitch: Oh, and Dr. Farthing. He got over his gambling problem, but the bookies beat him to death anyway. So, he’s dead. That’s it. Bye!

In case you missed it, go back and read Part 1 of our Underrated Comedies of the Past 20 Years.


  1. you prolly couldnt pick a better #1 and #2 haha awesome. This is why i dont give a shit what critics say about comedies

  2. I’m dying just reading all these quotes. One I would of had on my list is Airheads. Whenever I flip through channels and see it, its staying on and I crack up every time.

  3. haha yea RT only has a small percentage of comedies with fresh reviews it’s BS…airheads was close to making list but I went with deeds instead but now that I think about it it prolly should have made it too…I definitely could of made this list 30 or even 40 there are so many low rated comedies in past 20 years haha

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