‘Crank: High Voltage’ Review


Crank 2
Release Date – 4/17/09

We thought Chev Chelios fell to his death at the end of Crank, but Crank: High Voltage picks up from that exact scene. He is immediately picked up off the ground and rushed to a secret operating room where a couple of crazy Asian doctors are taking out his heart and replacing it with an artificial one. Chev hears their plans to harvest his organs so he breaks free. He calls his buddy Doc Miles to find out some info on the fake heart he has. Apparently he has to be electrically charged every hour in order to keep it beating. So Chev is off to find the Asian gang that took his heart. This movie is out of control. The directors are out of their minds. Its entertaining but I just cant picture how this was approved to be a movie. Its so off the wall and ridiculous. Its like watching a video game come to life.

Crank 2

Jason Statham reprises his role as Chev Chelios. He is the ultimate badass. He’s the one normal guy in this movie full of color characters. And saying a man with an artificial heart giving himself electrical charges every hour is the normal guy is really saying a lot. Amy Smart also returns as his girlfriend Eve who was sexually violated by him in public during the first film and now she’s some kind of stripping nymphomaniac… who gets sexually violated in public again. Also returning is Dwight Yoakam as Doc Miles, basically he sits around slapping a prostitute’s ass while waiting on Chev to call. He’s only there to give Chev information over the phone. He’s kind of a pointless character this time around until the final scene during the credits. And finally another returning character is Efren Ramirez, this time playing the twin brother of Chev’s buddy in the first film. He’s out for vengeance since his brother was murdered. Oh and he has Full Body Tourrette’s Syndrome. See what I mean by Statham’s character being the only normal one. Each one is more ridiculous then the next which fits in perfectly with the film because each scene is more over the top as it progresses.

Crank 2

Writers/Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor may be insane. This movie is like a punch to your face in more ways than one. Its like saying we can make a film with barely any story, throw in a shit ton of action, over the top characters and scenes, and get it shown in movie theaters and YOU CANT’!. Its almost an insult to other filmmakers. But its also nonstop action the entire time and you’re on the edge of your seat watching this insanity happen. I cant say that I hated it but I cant say it was a good movie either. Last year’s Shoot ‘Em Up was supposed to be purposely over the top. But this one shits on Shoot ‘Em Up and then shocks that shit with electricity until everything blows up in a heaping mess of shit. The cheesiness of a video game like Duke Nukem is brought to life through this film. They wanted to go above and beyond what they did in the first film and they definitely did. But thats not necessarily a good thing. Crank was a little more grounded in reality while High Voltage is a movie best suited to be watched while you’re trippin balls…. which I wasn’t when I saw it.

IMDB – 7.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes – 70%
Movie Wiseguys – 5.5/10


  1. Does Amy Smart get naked? haha

  2. well she walks around with electrical tape over her nipples for a while. and then in the sex scene she does show some boobs but they may be stunt boobs and not really her.

  3. Curious to hear what you think of this review. http://www.411mania.com/movies/film_reviews/102409/Crank:-High-Voltage-Review-.htm The guys gave it a 10-out-of-10. Funny thing is he points out a lot of the same things as your review, but gives it a perfect score based on it achieving what it set out to do. I wouldn’t go to the theater to see this but I bet it would go great with a couple of beers.

  4. Yeah I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews that like what it did. Like I said in my review, I cant say I hated it because it kept me on the edge of my seat and it was ridiculous fun. But I just dont know how this is a real movie. Its just so over the top. I guess I missed the point a bit. The first one was good and less silly and I liked it. This one just made me go WHAT THE FUCK through the whole thing. I always debate my number score for any movie after I think about the movie some more. Crank 2 probably would have been higher if I saw it with a bunch of people and laughed at everything but oh well.

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