‘Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?’ Review



Where In The World is Osama Bin Laden is the latest documentary by Morgan Spurlock. In case you don’t know, he’s the guy that made Super Size Me and destroyed his body by eating McDonald’s for 30 days straight and documented the results. This time he finds out his wife is pregnant so he gets the idea to find out how dangerous of a world he is bringing his child into. His plan is to travel to the Middle East on a hunt for Osama Bin Laden who masterminded the largest, most devastating attack on American soil in history on September 11, 2001. The film is entertaining and interesting but doesn’t end up being too dangerous of a trip which I believe he was looking for in order to shock people. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got some balls for doing what he did but its nothing more than what any serious journalist has done within the last 7 years of this war.


It begins with Spurlock getting training on how to defend himself and keep himself safe when under extreme conditions. He trains, gets a million vaccinations, and is on his way. He goes to various different countries in the Middle East always asking the townspeople their opinion on Bin Laden and America. For the most part it seems like the majority of people do not like Bin Laden and don’t want to have any connection to him. But there are still some people out there that praise him for what he did. It’s a sick and twisted world when people are praising the death of innocent people and praying to God that Bin Laden continues to attack.


Spurlock doesn’t seem to really get any definitive results with this documentary. Some people think Bin Laden is alive, some think he’s dead. Some people think he’s in Afghanistan, some people believe he’s in Pakistan. Some people think he’ll never be found and laugh in Spurlock’s face when he asks questions about him. There’s really nothing new here unless you want to see how shitty these Middle Easterns’ lives are. If that’s what you were looking for then you’ll love this. Me on the other hand, I thought it was good enough for just one watch. Morgan Spurlock is always entertaining and fun. And he never makes his documentaries to be propaganda like Michael Moore. So I praise him for that, but this one just wasn’t as good as a silly movie about eating McDonalds. Imagine that.

IMDB – 6.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes – 36%
Moviewiseguys – 6.5/10

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